i know.. deep down im hurting and all im doing is crying… but hopefully i’ll get by..

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Charli XCX Blog


Charli XCX Blog

My baby


Baby I miss you :c Were so so far away… I’m in San Franscico and your in Selma…. We’re so far..  I really miss you. & my phone’s acting gay so i couldn’t call you in the morning. But I’ll try at lunch and dinner or if we have a break… ill try before bed too… I love you baby. Always and forever<3 ~October 6,2013~ I love you~

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that-one-chick-030: If you ever need to talk about anything at all, don't hesitate to talk to me. I'm a good listener and I'm here for you. You're always there for me when I need you, so I want to return the favor.

Thanks gabby. I’ll hit you up next time

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how-whoreifying: I know exactly how you feel hun. I want the same. I want someone to love me unconditionally but, I also want someone who understands me completely. I need someone who knows what I'm going through and takes it in to consideration that I should be comforted. I want to feel the happiness others are feeling. I want to be content with life. I want the pain and suffering to cease and come to an end. I'm sorry you're hurting. You really don't deserve it at all. I hope you get the happiness you deserve.

Thanks Nikki. I miss you so much.. There a chance I might be coming next weekly. Probably on Tuesday I have to talk to drew

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Hi.. I know that I rarely post a lot of stuff on tumblr and it’s cause, well I really don’t like to let people know how I feel.. But right now I just want someone to talk too.. But I’m just too myself about it.. Like only want me too know.. Like a secret just between me and I.. But it think it’d do me some good to let it out.. For the past few days I been doing fine then really bad.. I’m pretty good at handling my situations but to a point I know I’m about to break. And right now I’m at a breaking point. I just really want to feel what everyone else feels.. Loved and not to feel hurt.. But I know that your always going to feel hurt at some points in your life.. But right now I just to feel loved and with no pain.. I just want to feel loved and understand and no awkward.. Just for someone to understand me and know when I’m being hurt or just see that it’s happening.. I want to be happy and not sad.. I really dying to feel loved and feel great about it.. Not feeling loved but feeling hurt in the process.. It just hurts more than feeling loved.. Idk I’m not sure that if anyone is reading this fully understands what I’m trying to put out there. Only I know what I’m say and maybe that’s all that matters.. But I just know I don’t want to feel hurt anymore just someone to love me and understand me and not do anything to hurt me and be aware of it hurting me.. Like consideration.. I just want to be comfort when I’m hurting..

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you’re so obsessed with finding someone to love you; because you can’t love yourself.

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My heart can’t handle this I’m going to bed


I will reblog this every time.